Wish-List Options

"What makes you different is that you listen to our needs ..."  -  Geoff Gray, Novacastrian Mortgage Solutions, Newcastle, NSW.  More feedback

Feedback Welcome!

LinxCRM has been built around great feedback from users. Without that feedback LinxCRM wouldn't be what it is today!

You are VERY welcome to let us know about your needs so that some or all of them can be catered for in a future version of LinxCRM. We can't promise to include everything, as LinxCRM is designed for the industry as a whole, but the following are two ways you can influence the future design of LinxCRM.

Both of these options are available to existing users of LinxCRM who subscribe to the LinxCRM Gold Pass service, including all subscription users (see here for more details).

The Wish-List Option

All suggestions that we feel will be of use to LinxCRM users as a whole will go into a wish-list and be assigned a priority of 1 to 10. The level of priority will be based on what we feel the demand or need will be for that particular function.

If we receive more requests for the same thing, the priority level is likely to be raised – thus the most popular ideas will bubble their way to the surface much more quickly than less popular ones. (As a consequence, some ideas could be completed in just days or weeks while others may be never.)

We recommend that any wish-list ideas are put in writing by you, along with sketches or samples where appropriate. For example, if you want a particular report, draft something in Excel or Word and send that. This way, our interpretation of what you want will be a lot closer to what you actually want!

The Fast-Track Option

If you really must have a change done quickly (ahead of the normal wish-list schedule) then we can consider doing a custom change for you on a chargeable basis. However, the rate is much below normal commercial programming rates. Please refer to the Support Services page for more details.

The fast-track option allows you to get the features you need now, without having to wait, but on a reasonable, reduced-cost basis. Please do remember, however, that the changes must generally be of use to other users and not add undue complexity, or introduce undesirable restrictions, to the program.  (Note that, whether changes are paid for or not, their final design and method of implementation, as well as their copyright and intellectual property, remains with Linx Software and, in most cases, the changes will be issued for the use of all other LinxCRM users, may be employed in other products produced by us and may be modified or withdrawn at any time).

A specific cost and estimated delivery time can be provided on receipt of a detailed, written specification. Please make your requirements as clear as possible.

Whichever method you choose, we look forward to hearing your suggestions and to being of service!