Price List

"We have been using LinxCRM for over a year and it pays for itself ..."  -  Ian Webb, NewBuild, Auckland.  More feedback

Effective 1st July 2022

You can buy LinxCRM outright or use it on a subscription basis. You can also choose either Executive or Professional level according to your needs and budget. (To compare editions please see the LinxCRM Features Matrix).

Licence Fees

Subscription Option Executive Professional
First user, per calendar month $155 $190
Each additional user3, per calendar month $55 $75
Gold Pass (standard) membership - on-going upgrades & email support4 Included Included
Average cost per user, per day on a typical 5-user system $2.47 $3.23
Prices are based on a minimum 12-month plan, paid quarterly in advance and exclude GST. There are NO setup fees or annual fees. Please refer to Notes below.

Purchase Option Executive Professional
First user $5370 $6780
Each additional user $1930 $2450
Gold Pass (standard) membership - upgrades & email support - first 12 months4 Included Included
Gold Pass (standard) membership after 1st year, pre-paid, first user, pa4 $610 $795
Gold Pass (standard) membership after 1st year, pre-paid, each additional user, pa4 $185 $235
Average cost per user, per day on a typical 5-user system, over 5 years $2.03 $2.58
Prices exclude GST. There are NO setup fees, and annual Gold Pass membership after the first year is optional.
Please refer to Notes below.

Support Costs

For most users, the vast majority of support services will be FREE. This includes free access to a world-class Online Help System and a Support Request System for email support. By utilising these resources you can avoid the need for most training or support costs. 

Special services like data conversion, personalised training and data repair are not covered by the free service. But, even in these cases, users with Gold Pass membership will get much-reduced rates. Please check here for full details.

Special Items

Some special items may be additional to the above costs. These are generally one-off charges for things like licence name changes, multiple-database licencing, etc. We would be happy to provide a written quote on request.

How To Order

Simply click the appropriate form(s) from the following links to complete an order online. Then print, sign and email to us - the contact details are shown on the forms. We'll be in touch to confirm your order and help you with the next step. Remember that there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction with all orders so it is entirely risk-free.


        Order Form - Subscription (PDF)

        Order Form - Purchase (PDF)

        Direct Debit Request (PDF)

(Note: These PDF's are fillable forms if saved and opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader).


  1. All prices are in Australian Dollars and subject to GST if purchased in Australia. Export sales (eg. New Zealand) are not subject to GST. (You can get an approximate currency conversion here).
  2. For chargeable special services (please see here), Rate A is currently $155/hr and Rate B is currently $325/hr (plus GST if applicable). After-hours support is not generally available but where pre-arranged is at 2x the applicable rate.
  3. The number of users are calculated as the greater of the number of separate computers where LinxCRM is installed or the maximum number of people with separate logins. Computers, servers or other devices which store the data file only are not counted as a user.
  4. Gold Pass membership provides all program updates and business hours support as described here. "Standard" means support for standard peer-to-peer networks (most users) and is based on pre-payment prior to expiry of a previous Gold Pass membership. (Gold Pass Enterprise Level is required for users on client/server architecture such as Windows Server and will be quoted individually and subscriptions adjusted accordingly.)
  5. In the case of outright purchase of the software, if pre-payment of Gold Pass has not been made, a one-off upgrade can be made within 3 years of the initial software purchase at 30% discount off the then-listed price of the software. Such upgrade will bring you up to the latest version but does not include further on-going Gold Pass membership, which would then be available under normal terms and pricing.
  6. The frequency or nature of upgrades is not guaranteed but there are usually several each year.
  7. Subscriptions are payable quarterly in advance by automatic Direct Debit or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard accepted - a 2% combined merchant/manual-processing fee applies.)
  8. The minimum subscription period is 12 months, but this can be converted to an outright purchase within that time if required. Any pre-paid, unexpired subscription period will be credited against the purchase price.
  9. Prices are subject to change without notice. However, any amounts pre-paid prior to any price changes (such as pre-paid subscriptions) will not be affected by the change. New prices will only apply to new charges made after the date of the change.
  10. A Loyalty Discount program is currently offered to long-term customers who remain financial and maintain or increase their level of subscription. For such long-term customers that do not reduce their subscription this may have the effect of discounting the above costs or delaying any future rises. Conditions apply - please see here for more details.
  11. No physical media is provided. All software is downloadable and Help resources are online. Please ensure you have a backup of the program in case you need to re-install. This is especially important in the case of outright purchases.
  12. All users on the same licence must be on the same product level (eg. Executive or Professional) although access to specific functions can be restricted by the Admin user.
  13. If upgrading from one product level to another (eg. Executive to Professional) the cost is just the difference between levels.
  14. Use of LinxCRM is subject to an End-User Licence Agreement (EULA), a copy of which can be found here. The EULA and other terms and conditions herein are subject to change without notice. E&OE.