Loyalty Discounts

Our Way to say "Thank You"

Loyalty Discounts are our way of thanking long-standing customers who remain loyal and continue with their subscription, while keeping their account up-to-date. Qualifying for a Loyalty Discount is quite easy and the discounts will be automatically applied to clients' accounts when their payment is processed.


Here's How it Works

Effective Date

The Loyalty Discount scheme was introduced effective 1st July 2014 and applies to all accounts billed after that date. If there are any future changes to how the scheme works they will be published on this page.

How Are Discounts Calculated?

The discount is calculated as an amount equivalent to the difference between the current Price List and the previous one, where a subscription was active under a previous price list. This means that customers who qualify for a Loyalty Discount will always be paying the "old" price.

For example, from 1st July 2022, new customers are charged the current list price but those who were originally on earlier prices will then receive a Loyalty Discount to effectively take them back to the previous price list (in this case the one dated 2019). If there is then a new price in the future, say 2024, a Loyalty Discount would take them back to the 2022 prices. (Should any prices be decreased then, of course, qualifying customers will always pay the lowest price.)

The discount will be applied to all LinxCRM products including periodic subscriptions, outright purchases and Gold Pass (but not chargeable special services which are already heavily discounted for current clients).

Who Qualifies?

Customers who maintain their account in credit at all times, auto-renew their subscription and do not reduce the amount of their subscription, will qualify. To clarify:

  • Your subscription to LinxCRM or Gold Pass must be paid prior to the expiry date of the existing subscription using a pre-arranged authority (either credit card or direct debit). Please remember to let us have details of any changed credit card or bank account details in good time. Customers on Gold Pass only (typically annual payments) will receive a courtesy notice in advance of the charge being made and will have the opportunity to change or cancel their payment method at that time.
  • Accounts for special services such as data conversion, personalised training or programming must have been paid promptly using a pre-arranged credit card or direct debit authority.
  • You can increase your subscription at any time (such as by adding extra users or upgrading from one level of LinxCRM to another) but decreasing it at any time will automatically lose the qualification. However, any additions or upgrades will also qualify for the Loyalty Discount so will always result in the earlier pricing.
  • Important: Take care if considering a reduction in your subscription. It may be more cost-effective to keep things the same and thereby retain your Loyalty Discount. We can calculate the savings for you on request.
  • New customers, who initially will be paying current list prices but who then qualify as above, will have a Loyalty Discount automatically applied against any future price increases.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the Loyalty Discount scheme at any time and/or to withhold or apply it to individual accounts at our discretion.

We really do appreciate the support of our many clients across Australia and New Zealand - some of whom have been with us for over 15 years. By offering our Loyalty Discount we hope we have found a good way to reward that loyalty.