Our Clients


Our Clients

Clients with consultant

Our clients include finance brokers, insurance consultants and financial advisers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They range from sole traders to nationwide companies and include franchise members of Aussie Home Loans, RAMS Home Loans and ANZ Mobile Lending, as well as many independents who work through aggregators such as AFG, PLAN, Choice, FAST etc.

In Australia, most are members of the MFAA or FBAA and, in New Zealand, many are members of the PAA.

What they all share in common is the need to run their businesses more efficiently, keep close control of their client database and make sure they get paid correctly.

Many have been kind enough to give us their feedback and a selection of their comments are shown here.


Terry HillTerry Hill, a well-known industry figure and LinxCRM user for many years, featuring as Australia's No.1 Broker in MPA Magazine.

Some business or contact names are kept confidential for commercial reasons. However, many of our customers would be happy to speak with prospective users of LinxCRM to describe their experience.










What They Say

Our business has been built primarily on referrals and it always gives us great delight when our customers - the Linx Community - take the trouble to let us know how we're doing.

Here's just a few of their comments:

"Having a CRM changed the way we run our business. It’s like turning the lights on and seeing your whole business, from pipeline to completions, across the country and across all advisors. This works perfectly for sole operators through to businesses with sophisticated CRM requirements. We have been using LinxCRM for over a year and it pays for itself. We manage our book better, and our commission and renewals.

I really like that the CRM has a financial services focus, risk and lending, but the single biggest selling point is its simplicity...  LinxCRM is simple to use and find your way around. It has prompts and reminders, and my advisors love to use it to see how they are progressing, especially comparing their activity and results to their peers."

Ian Webb, Managing Director, NewBuild Home Finance, Auckland, and past Board Member of the PAA

Streamlined Efficiency
"Having used LinxCRM for the past four years our office could not imagine a day without it now. What a fabulous system, we never forget an anniversary, we have instant access to all our client notes. A client can call and you can have their info up on the screen before they have even asked you a question. They are blown away with the service and recall we appear to have!

Mail merge allows us to contact all clients with one easy process. Being able to track commission, trail and referrer’s in one program streamlines your business.

We are LinxCRM’s No.1 fan here at RAMS Home Loans Central Coast and would not be without this great management tool."
John McAnulty / Suellen Wills, RAMS Central Coast (NSW)

Increased Sales
"Because LinxCRM kept reminding me to follow-up I got a deal for $650,000 that would otherwise have slipped through the cracks."
Keith A., Brisbane (Aussie Home Loans consultant)

Easier Management
"I've found LinxCRM to be a brilliant and excellent management tool.....LinxCRM helps me cope by managing my files and also has excellent referral, diary note and commission monitoring capabilities."
Terry Hill, Qld Financial Services, Noosa, Qld (PLAN member)
Voted Australia's No.1 Mortgage Broker by Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine

"LinxCRM has become critical to our business success … it turns crisis control into cruise control."
Wayne Slager, Buderim, Qld

"Fantastic program - will save me a heap of time. I'm totally organised now!"
Choice member, NSW

"Just the commission-processing alone will save me 7 hours every month. And the phone rings less because we're ringing them. We're not putting out bushfires all the time."
Deb W,, Wellington Point, Qld

"I've only had LinxCRM a couple of months (the other guys didn't even call me back!) and I've already picked up $200 short-paid on one commission."
FAST member, Brisbane

Easy to Use
"Nice job guys, software nice and easy to use... stops things like leads, call-backs etc falling through the cracks.... assisting greatly in ensuring the lenders (mostly the aggregators) are keeping up to their end of the bargain."
PLAN member, NSW

"Just some feed-back for you ... I consider myself to be very much computer stupid and find many software programs to be beyond me. Upon using LinxCRM for the first time, l was amazed that l found it so easy to understand and navigate through and the manual seems to be in newspaper English. I am very impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending the software ... I need to tell you that l have tried some of your competitors software ... but found it was not easy to understand, navigate and the manual very confusing. You are on a winner."
John Tarascio, Action Loans Australia, Vic (Connective member)

"I must admit I am impressed with your software! It originally gave me the impression of being thoughtfully programmed, and this was confirmed by its ease of use."
Craig Pickering, Adelaide

Private & Secure
"What I really like about LinxCRM is that it's NOT on-line! I don't like my database going anywhere out of my control!"
New Horizons member, Newcastle, NSW

"Thank you for providing NZ mortgage advisers with a CRM “independent” of the various aggregators/dealer groups own CRMs. Such a great feeling knowing my clients personal and financial information is secure and that I am fully compliant with my existing obligations as an adviser under the Privacy Act and the new code of professional conduct for financial advice services. "
Simon Rule, Rule Financial Services, Wellington, NZ

"Thanks so much for the best Christmas present of all, a fabulous program which saves time, money and cuts the stress … can’t live without my Linx!"
RAMS franchise, NSW

Great Support
"You don't normally hear from me but I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to yourself and your team for your continual open mindedness and commitment to working with my team members (and I’m sure many other brokers) to help continuously improve and evolve LinxCRM into the “DreamCRM” that we all yearn for. It’s bloody good as it is and I know it will always get better.

I just love LinxCRM and am soooo thankful to have it.

Keep on doing what you guys are doing."
Robert Rollfink, RCR Finance, Croydon, Vic

"What makes you different is that you listen to our needs. LinxCRM just makes our office HUM! I saw it on another broker's machine and bought it the next day – I've never looked back"
Geoff G, Newcastle, NSW (New Horizons member)

"Compared to our previous software supplier - who often never even returned our calls - dealing with you is like a breath of fresh air."
Julie Millett, Premium Private Finance (WA) Pty Ltd, Subiaco, WA (FAST member)

"Thank you very much for all of your patience and assistance. We appreciate it very much and understand you have probably done much more with us than your normal onboarding of clients."
Adrian Sheahan, Synergy Home Loans / Switzer Home Loans, Launceston, Tas.

There are many more, both verbal and written. Here are some further typical comments:

  • "This is FANTASTIC. The video was super and we are so incredibly grateful that you have done this so expediently." - Alison McDonald, Wantirna, Vic.
  • "... your system is brilliant." - Tim D, Caloundra, Qld.
  • "It's very user friendly and the interface is attractive and easy to navigate around!" - Leah Marshall, AFG member, Brisbane.
  • "I've only had it two-and-a-half hours and have already installed it, set up Clients, processed incoming commissions and produced RCTI's for my loan writers!" Choice member, Loganholme, Qld.
  • "I love it. I use it all the time. It's the best thing that ever happened. Use me as a reference any time." -Wendy Beverakis, NSW (PLAN member).
  • "You're a complete and utter legend!! I love you." - Sean J., Sydney (AFG member).
  • "U R my hero – and now on my Christmas card list!" - AFG member, Rockhampton, Qld.
  • "Simply the best thing we've ever done." - Choice member, Vic.
  • "I've been looking for a system like this for 5 years!" - Aussie franchisee, Brisbane, Qld.
  • "Thanks for your help. Great manual!" - PLAN member, Vic.
  • "Do yourself a favour. Take a look at our aggregator's software and DON'T do it like that!" - Broker, NSW.
  • "I find it refreshing that my comments were listened to and included. I couldn't get that with [a competitor]. The manuals are also excellent." - FAST member, SA.
  • "Painfully in love with it!" - Money Advisers, NT.
  • "It's very simple – really enjoying using your system." - PLAN member, Qld.
  • "It's been a Godsend." - AFG member, Parramatta.
  • "Love it!!! Great work!!"
  • "Excellent tool to manage client database, user friendly & excellent back up support."
  • "Help Desk is great - they probably get sick of hearing from me, but they are very patient."
  • "We have been an avid user/advocate of LinxCRM since inception. We see no reason to change. Its functionality, flexibility, technical integrity and support are of the highest order. Every finance broker should at least consider the benefits of LinxCRM to their practice."