LinxCRM Features Matrix

"LinxCRM has become critical to our business success … it turns crisis control into cruise control."  -  Wayne Slager, Your Loan Adviser, Buderim, Qld.  More feedback

Your Choice of Features

LinxCRM has two different editions - Executive and Professional. Just select the one which is right for your business.

The matrix below shows only the main features of each edition, not all features. Feel free to contact us if you would like our suggestions on what would be most suitable for your business. Here's a guide, but please refer to the matrix for more details:

  • For finance brokers who are small to medium businesses with little or no involvement with insurance or financial planning and who do not need to distribute commissions to third parties, we suggest LinxCRM Executive
  • For finance brokers, financial planners and those involved with risk insurance, and/or those who need to distribute commissions to staff or third parties, your best choice would be LinxCRM Professional

Tip: Although you can later upgrade from one level to another it is usually best not to under-equip your business. Like a car towing a caravan, if you're under-powered you can sometimes do more harm than good. Setting up your business and team members with the right tools from the beginning will usually bring the greatest - and quickest - benefits.

FEATURE Executive Professional

Recommended for the following situations:

Most financial services businesses other than those described to the right.

Businesses with consulting activities such as Risk Insurance or Financial Planning, and those who need to distribute commissions.

Record extensive details of clients, including A&L, employment, demographics, etc. Yes Yes
Import of leads or contacts through the Client Import Wizard Yes Yes
Record sales of loans, insurance, services and property Yes Yes
Audit-proof diary Yes Yes
AML/CTF Compliance checker Yes Yes
SMS & email (via MS Outlook®)2 Yes Yes
Task interface to MS Outlook® calendar Yes Yes
Sales analytics, with graphing Yes Yes
Single & Group mail-merging with MS Word®, with sample templates Yes Yes
Google Maps interface Yes Yes
Linx FileStore™ document management system Yes Yes
Cloning of loans for the purpose of managing bonuses, clawbacks, etc. No Yes
Refix loan automation, with automatic discharge of outgoing loans No Yes
Create 'Related Files' link between different Client records No Yes
Additional tracking comments for client contact and lost sales recording No Yes
LinxInsure™ module - detailed needs analysis for risk insurance3 No Yes
LinxPlan™ module - detailed needs analysis for financial planning No Yes
Foreign-language support for SMS2 (eg. Arabic, Chinese, Urdu and most non-Latin based languages) No Yes
Full provider details including default commission rates for loans, insurance, services & property Yes Yes
Trail-Lifter™ - automatically calculates stepped trail increases for all loans Yes Yes
Calculate & reconcile incoming commissions for Finance, Insurance & Services Yes Yes
Discrepancy commission reporting & claims Yes Yes
LinxECP™ module - import finance commission files from numerous lenders, groups & aggregators Yes Yes
LinxECP™ module - import insurance commissions electronically No Yes
Cloning of loans to help calculate commission bonuses, clawbacks, etc No Yes
Monitor casual payments to referrers or team members Yes Yes
Register of agreements made with third parties (referrer firms, referrer contacts and team members) No Yes
LinxSplitx™ module - automated loan commission splitting to team members & referrers, with statements No Yes
Create unlimited referrer firms and contacts Yes Yes
Record diary activities and set tasks for referrers Yes Yes
Referrer follow-up management Yes Yes
SMS & email (via MS Outlook®)2 Yes Yes
Task interface to MS Outlook® calendar Yes Yes
Single & Group mail-merging with MS Word®,  with sample templates Yes Yes
Google Maps interface Yes Yes
Third-party notification of milestone events Yes Yes
Record commission agreements with referrers for compliance purposes No Yes
Pay referrers finance commission splits through LinxSplitx No Yes
Workflow Automation    
Task setting with team member alerts Yes Yes
Action Wizards - pre-defined event scheduling Yes Yes
Birthday, loan-review & fixed-rate expiry management Yes Yes
AutoCue™ automated task creation Yes Yes
Task interface to MS Outlook® calendar - Clients & Referrers Yes Yes
Team Members    
Team Member accreditations, licensing & CPD reporting Yes Yes
Google Maps interface Yes Yes
SMS & email (via MS Outlook®)2 Yes Yes
System Activity Log to monitor key events Yes Yes
Six security levels available as standard Yes Yes
Menu Manager lets you lock down access to specific menu items  No Yes
Record commission payment agreements with team members for compliance purposes No Yes
Set targets for sales (finance, insurance, services & property) and for client calls/contacts made No Yes
Recording of Team Member qualifications for merging with proposals and compliance docs No Yes
Extensive reporting, including Management Reports Centre Yes Yes
Private & confidential - on-premise but with support for thin-client "private cloud" remote access. Yes Yes
Data stays with you in non-proprietary system with extensive export options Yes Yes
Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10 Yes Yes
Interfaces with MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 Yes Yes
Easy-to-use, logical interface designed for fast operation Yes Yes
Numerous customisable functions to suit the way you work Yes Yes
Automatic postcode lookup (Australia & New Zealand). Yes Yes
Training & Demo modes for safe testing and training Yes Yes
Context-sensitive on-line help system Yes Yes
Available as either subscription or purchase Yes Yes
Advanced reporting options such as sales conversions & processing staff analysis No Yes
Custom programming available4 No Yes
Multiple database ready5 No Yes


  1. This list is not exhaustive and is intended to assist with major feature comparison only. LinxCRM contains many features not listed here.
  2. SMS requires a subscription with an approved service provider. Mail-merge requires MS Word® 2003 - 2016. The email & Outlook interfaces require MS Outlook® 2003 - 2016. Commission import requires a copy of MS Excel® compatible with the version of spreadsheet you are importing. LinxCRM is optimised for Windows 10 and MS Office 2013 but also compatible with most recent versions. Certain integration features may not be fully functional with every environment.
  3. Users of the LinxInsure™ module in New Zealand must be current PAA/NZMBA members.
  4. Custom programming available on request for LinxCRM Professional users, subject to quotation.
  5. The Multiple Database module allows you to switch between differrent businesses under the same licence. Additional fees apply. Please ask for details.
  6. The on-line Help system requires Internet access. Training videos require the free Adobe Flash Player.
  7. E&OE. Specifications are subject to change without notice - please confirm details before purchase. (Note that the free trial system is LinxCRM Professional with a few minor restrictions).

®Registered trade marks of their respective owners. ™Trade Marks of Linx Software Pty Ltd.