"I've already picked up $200 short-paid on one commission."  More feedback

Average cost of LinxCRM is less than a coffee a day!

Low Cost - High Return

LinxCRM is surprisingly low cost. You can subscribe for just a few dollars a month, with most options costing well under $3 per user per day*. That's much less than the cost of the proverbial cup of coffee!

And that includes upgrades and support! There are also NO setup fees.

For full details and all the options please click here to see the Price List and to complete an order form.

The LinxCRM commission checking helps covers the cost of the software.

Designed to Pay for Itself

Because LinxCRM focuses strongly on efficiencies and client retention you can see how it could easily pay for itself with just an extra sale or two.

As one user said "I got a deal for $650,000 that would otherwise have slipped through the cracks."

But the big difference with LinxCRM is how it monitors your commission in the background and makes sure you get paid every cent of commission you are due for the life of the facility - which, for loans or insurance policies, could be many, many years. That's a big return for a small investment. Read more.

30-day money-back guarantee

No-Risk Guarantee

If you use LinxCRM for 30 days and don't agree that it will more than pay for itself then we will give you a 100% refund.

No quibbles. No conditions. That's how confident we are that LinxCRM will easily pay it's way.

You can order now using the forms on the Price List, totally risk-free.

Subscribe or Buy - the Choice is Yours

You even have the option to buy LinxCRM outright. That's something you'll never get with an on-line system, where you have to go on paying forever. When you buy LinxCRM outright, you get a permanent licence to use it indefinitely, but you will also have an option to subscribe to updates, which in turn entitles you to free support.

*Typical cost is calculated as the average cost per user on a 5-user installation. The first user is at normal price with each additional user paying a reduced price. The more users, the lower the average cost. Prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST. You can get an approximate conversion here.