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Build repeat business with LinxCRM's marketing tools

LinxCRM makes it easy to market to your prospects, clients and even referrers. Once you've captured your leads it's easy to keep in touch by mail, email or SMS. Even target specific demographics or any other criteria - the possibilities are endless.

Mail-merge to MS Word

Merging client to MS Word

With LinxCRM you can easily create an unlimited number of Word templates that will allow you to effortlessly send correspondence to your clients. Everything from a welcome letter, loan approval advice, tax-time review, promotional material or compliance documents - all generated in seconds and personally addressed to the client by name.

Avoid Big Business mistakes

How many times have you had big business incorrectly address you? LinxCRM helps you avoid the mistakes made by multi-million-dollar computer systems and ensures you will never, for example, address a de facto couple as "Mr & Mrs" or a long-standing, valued client with a back-to-front name like "Dear Smith John"!

LinxCRM cleverly lets you set up your preferred Mailing Title and salutation individually to suit the customer so you can avoid the embarrassing mistakes often made by others.


Group Merge

Group merge option for mass-mailing

In addition to sending out one letter to one client, LinxCRM makes it easy to mass-mail to a select group of clients. Perhaps you want to market to everyone with a loan or insurance review coming up? Easy - just select that option and your letters will be generated automatically - and personally addressed to each recipient along with the specific details of the loan or policy.

Filter further

If you need to drill down to more specific information - say, all loans for a particular lender, or insurance policies over a certain premium - then simply use the Excel option and you can filter your mailing down to the specific targets you need.


Need bulk email?

If you need to run large-scale email campaigns - perhaps hundreds or thousands of emails at a time - whilst keeping your business compliant with bounce and unsubscribe requirements you'll find that all your LinxCRM data will seamlessly integrate to the companion product LinxMail. No need to export your data to a third party - just connect it to your LinxCRM clients and you'll be able to send full HTML emails at the press of a button. For more information please see our special LinxMail web site here.)

Demographic targeting

Client demographic criteria screen

LinxCRM lets you classify your clients, not just by the standard demographics groupings but also by their special interests or financial position. Want to target first home buyers, or investors, or those with a high net worth or even those who love cricket?

All these things are possible when you use LinxCRM. Once you set up your client you will be able to mail-merge (or export the data for other purposes) based on any combination of criteria.

Don't forget your referrers!

Referrer contacts can also be marketed to.

Most CRM systems concentrate on marketing to prospects and clients and forget all about your referrers or potential referrers and yet these are a powerful source of business which you need to keep in touch with.

LinxCRM treats them with the same importance as clients but allows you to send specifically-targeted materials to them. For example, while you may be sending loan- or insurance-based consumer information to your clients, your referrers will benefit from different material.

For example, real estate agents will be interested in what's happening in their field, or how you can help them get more sales across the line. Accountants might be interested in investment loans or products that you can offer their clients. And both might like to be invited to your next seminar where they would be able to keep up with developments or meet potential new clients.

Even use SMS

SMS interface

LinxCRM makes it easy to send a quick text message to clients, referrers and others and this is especially appreciated by clients who are anxious to hear if a loan is approved, or other good news.

Used judiciously it can also be a way to generate repeat business.

SMS can also be used for mass distribution of identical messages to multiple recipients at one time. This could be useful for stock market or other investment alerts, mortgage interest-rate changes or similar. In this instance you could use LinxCRM to generate the contacts for provision to your SMS service provider.

Mail-merge requires MS Word (2003 - 2016). SMS interface requires an approved service provider. Export can be in a number of formats including MS Excel.