"Because LinxCRM kept reminding me to follow-up I got a deal for $650,000 that would otherwise have slipped through the cracks." |  More feedback

Put your workflow on auto-pilot

Automation is what will put your business way ahead of the competition because things get done in the right way at the right time. And you barely need to think about it! Put your business on auto-pilot with these smart but easy-to-use workflow features:

Total task management

Account Manager's Task List

Everyone gets their own Task List every day so no-one comes to work wondering what they need to do next. Sales teams get their tasks clearly listed, support staff know what's expected of them and management get a bird's-eye view of the whole operation.

Nothing is left to chance. Clients or prospects that have no follow-up scheduled are automatically flagged in red - just in case. Tasks which are overdue are also clearly shown in red.

Once tasks are completed the client's diary is updated with the details, including the time and date of completion. (And if someone should delete an incomplete task, there's even an audit trail of that, too!)

Loan Tracker

Loan Tracker


The Loan Tracker is a special task list which is invaluable for those in finance.

Time is of the essence with finance with deadlines needing to be strictly adhered to. The Loan Tracker in LinxCRM helps you see at a glance the progress of each loan in the application pipeline, what needs to be done next, and by whom.

No missed deadlines - conditional approvals and settlements on time, every time - means more happy customers, referrers, solicitors and lenders. Not to mention increased commissions!

Action Wizards give you total control

Action List setup screen

LinxCRM lets you create an unlimited number of Action Wizards, each containing custom-designed sequences, which you can then apply as needed to your clients.

For example, this Customer Care Program will schedule follow-ups years ahead. But this could just as easily be an Action Wizard covering a construction loan, insurance policy or a sequence of financial planning services.

There's no limit to what you can do with Action Wizards and every task will appear on the Team Member's task list at exactly the right moment.

And, if a Team Member leaves, all their tasks can be re-assigned to another person in seconds!

AutoCue client birthdays, loan reviews & insurance reviews

AutoCue prompt screen

Any good CRM system designed for financial services should have reminders built-in for things like birthdays, loan fixed-rate expiry dates and other review dates for finance and insurance, and LinxCRM is no exception.

However, LinxCRM goes a step further with the AutoCue function - not just generating a report of these dates but also giving you the option of notifying the client's Account Manager.

That way they can add their personal touch to any greeting or letter, or pick up the phone and wish them Happy Birthday, whilst giving them a great opportunity to get extra business or ask for referrals.