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"I've found LinxCRM to be a brilliant management tool ..."  -  Terry Hill, Qld Financial Services, Noosa, Qld.  More feedback

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Just click the button above to log in to the Gold Pass Member's Lounge.

The Lounge is reserved exclusively for Gold Pass Members and is a great place to download updates for LinxCRM and access other member-only resources.


Am I a member?

If you currently have LinxCRM on a rental subscription you are automatically a Gold Pass Member!

If you bought LinxCRM outright you may have had membership automatically included or opted to add it to your purchase.

If you're not sure whether you are a member or not, try logging in. If you cannot gain access please contact us for assistance or membership details.


How do I log in?

It's easy! When you try to log in you will see a login screen like the following (it will vary with your browser type):

How to log in


If you enter invalid credentials you will get a 401 error. But don't worry - it's easy to find the correct details by going to Tools > Activation in the program and copy them from this screen:

Where to find your login details


Tip: If you don't have access to the program you will also find the details in an email from our Accounts Dept., or contact us here.

Some things to watch out for

  1. When used to log in to the web site all entries are case-sensitive and you should include any punctuation and spaces. Also, don't confuse a zero "0" with the letter "o", or the number "1" with the letter "l".  It will usually be best to copy and paste the entries - just take care not to have extra spaces at the end.
  2. We use your LinxCRM licence Business Name, which may be different to your formal Business Name. As the secure login requires unique Usernames, users who are part of a franchise group may need special wording for their Licence Name to help uniquely identify them, even though this may not be their strict trading or business name. Some punctuation may also be omitted. The Web access Username will always be based on the Business Name as displayed under Tools > Activation (and at the top-right of your LinxCRM Main Menu).
  3. Your Licence Key (and therefore your Password) will remain the same for as long as your business name, suburb and software product details remain the same. If you change any of these you will get a new Licence Key and your web password will change accordingly.
  4.  If you receive a new Licence Key from us, it can sometimes take a few hours for the web site to be updated (usually over-night). If the new code doesn't work yet, your old code should still be valid.
  5.  Once logged in you will also be able to move around the public area of the site but, once you close your browser, you will need to log back in again to access the Member's Lounge.
  6. All access to the Member's Lounge is logged for security reasons. Please do not give out your credentials to anyone as you may be held liable for their actions.
  7. If your Web logon details do not appear to work, your Gold Pass subscription many have expired or there may be other issues. Please contact us for assistance.



Being a Gold Pass Members gives you many benefits.

Not only do you get on-going updates to your LinxCRM software but you also receive many support services either free or at a discount.

Please click here for more details.




Logging in here does not log you in to LinxCRM. Remember that, for your protection, LinxCRM is on-premise, not on-line.

Only you have access to your client data as it is located at your premises, not "in the cloud" on our servers.

Logging in here just takes you to a private area of our web site containing links available only to Gold Pass members.

Learn more about security.