Client Management

"...stops things like leads, call-backs etc. falling through the cracks." -  PLAN member, NSW  |  More feedback

Stay in Touch and in Control

LinxCRM makes it easy to stay in touch with your clients and helps you stay "top of mind" with them so you can improve client retention. You'll also have everything about their needs and history close at hand so you can provide qualified advice as a true professional. And don't forget, the data stays with you - giving you complete control of your client records into the future.

Capture every lead

LinxCRM Enquiry Form

It's easy to enter every new enquiry on the Client Enquiry Form. All it takes is a name and phone number or email address and you have a new contact for your mailing list. Even if they don't qualify now, or are not ready to proceed, every new entry is treated as a prospect and automatically generates a reminder to follow-up.

(And for the technophobes in your office, you can easily print off some blank Enquiry forms to keep by the phone, for entry later).

Web integration

Even smarter - if you have an enquiry form on your web site that can be exported to Excel, simply import it directly into LinxCRM with the Client Import Wizard. No more double-handling - it will be instantly available for your team to follow-up.

Client Sales tab showing finance, insurance, services and property salesSee the full picture

Unlike many CRM systems, LinxCRM covers the full range of needs for finance professionals. In the one database you will be able to keep details of the Clients loans (mortgages, equipment and personal), insurance (risk and general), financial planning and even property sales.

You can also store as much detail about the client as you will ever need to enable you to see the "big picture" - from their Assets & Liabilities to their plans for retirement. Even photos of their kids or properties! Only a comprehensive system like LinxCRM helps you truly "know your client".


Audit-proof your records

LinxCRM's client diaryEvery contact you make can be recorded in the Client's diary. Protect your interests by recording all advice given and responses received. After the initial date of entry, the entry cannot be amended so that, if you are ever audited, you have a reliable record of your actions.

Even better, any entries in the diary can be emailed or sent by SMS* so that the client, team members or even related third-parties can be instantly notified of the latest situation.


But there's much more to help you care for your clients...

Never miss a follow-up

Once you've captured a lead, you can let automation take over to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. Learn more about automation.



LinxCRM makes it easy to market to your prospects or referrers by email, post or even SMS*. See Marketing.


Document Management

Scan, store and retrieve client documents in an instant. Learn more about the FileStore function.


Private CRM

Managing your client database is one thing. Keeping your clients to yourself is another. See what we mean by "Private CRM".

*SMS requires an account with an approved service provider.