"Every finance broker should at least consider the benefits of LinxCRM to their practice."  -  Wayne Slager, Buderim, Qld.  More feedback

You Can Get LinxCRM for Free!

We love to hear from happy customers and always appreciate their testimonials, such as those you see on this site. Financial services professionals are getting real, tangible benefits from using LinxCRM and we hope you are, too.

Do you have a colleague, or fellow member of your aggregator or group, that could use a hand to get organised, increase their business and control their commissions? If so, we'd be happy to talk to them about how LinxCRM could help.

Please be feel free to pass on their details through our Contact page.

Special Offer - Earn Free Months!

For each person referred by you that subscribes to LinxCRM we will:

  • Give them an extra month's subscription free, with your name attached as the source.
  • Give YOU an extra month free, on your existing subscription.
  • Where either party has purchased instead of subscribing, then provide free, online training to the equivalent value.

So, if you think about it, if you refer only 12 new customers to us in a year, you will be getting your LinxCRM subscription for free!


  • This promotion may be discontinued or modified at any time.
  • To qualify, the referred person must place their order within 30 days of the initial contact.
  • The free month for the person referred to will be added to the end of their first quarter.
  • The free month for the person referring will be for up to 5 users at their current product level.
  • To ensure both parties receive their benefits, please be sure to use the promotion code RAF1402 when making a referral.

Thank you.