Document Management

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Keeping your paperwork under control

There's an amazing amount of paper moving around the offices of financial services companies. Whether you're in finance, insurance or financial planning there's a fair chance you have endless filing cabinets bursting at the seams. And all this is a security risk. Imagine what would happen in the case of a fire or burglary. And even when you decide to destroy the documents you may still need to have a security specialist process them at considerable cost.

However, many businesses now are moving to electronic files - scanning in any originals and transmitting the information to their providers electronically.

But when you need to review them, how do you retrieve them, quickly and efficiently? LinxCRM has the answer - the LinxCRM FileStore utility.

FileStore linking to documents

Simplicity itself

LinxCRM simply uses the built-in functionality of your computer to store documents and then easily connects each client to the right individual location, accessible by all users.

There is no limit (other than the size of your hard drive) to how many documents you can store or what type they are - Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, Outlook messages, photographs, videos - anything you like.

And the clever thing is that the files don't bloat the size of your database or slow down operations - no matter how much you put in the FileStore.

But it's not just for clients ...

While you may have plenty of documents for your clients, you probably also need to store some documents for other contacts.

What about product information or credit policies from providers? Or agreements with referrers? Or internal communication with team members? The LinxCRM FileStore works for them, too!