Frequently Asked Questions

"I've been looking for a system like this for 5 years!"  -  Aussie franchisee, Brisbane.  More feedback

We hope the following will answer most of your questions that are not covered elsewhere but, if not, please feel free to contact us at any time.

1. How secure is my data?

Because LinxCRM is designed as an on-premise system and not on-line, the data is under your control. Even we don't have access to it, let alone an aggregator or a "malicious insider". We can even show you how to set up automatic backups, including off-site, if you wish. Learn more.

2. Is LinxCRM easy to install?

Yes. You just download and run a single setup file. Each machine will take about 10 minutes (depending on download speed). More advanced networks of several users may benefit from having the assistance of a technician, but our Help Desk can provide support to them to speed you on your way. Learn more.

3. What about my existing database? I don't want to enter it all again.

If you have an existing database (perhaps with an aggregator, franchise group or alternative CRM), as long as you can export the data from that system, we should be able to help you import it in to LinxCRM. For basic details there is the free Client Import Wizard and for more complex databases our programmers can assist. Either way you can be up and running in no time, with virtually no disruption to your operations as you migrate to the new system.

4. Do I need expensive computers to run LinxCRM?

No. LinxCRM works on basic MS Windows computers such as those with Windows 7, 8 or 10 as well as (for larger users) Windows Server or Citrix. As with all applications the faster the machine the better, but you don't need sophisticated equipment and a huge budget.

5. Can I access LinxCRM remotely?

Yes. For your protection, and that of your clients, LinxCRM is not "internet-facing". That is, it is not "in the cloud" in the usual sense, which would make it open to the many risks that the internet can expose it to. However, depending on the size of your business you can opt for remote access to your data using low-cost, remote-control systems such as LogMeIn or, for larger installations, "private cloud" systems using MS Windows Server or Citrix. Either method will give your team access from anywhere in the world, whether it be from home, a client site or an airport lounges. Our support team will happily explain all the options.

6. Will LinxCRM work on a Mac?

It depends. LinxCRM is a Windows application so will not work in the native Mac operating system. However, most current Macs can run Windows applications using Apple's Boot Camp utility or with virtualisation software such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. We recommend you seek advice from your Mac supplier.

A Mac or iPad can also remotely access a PC running Windows applications, including LinxCRM, using LogMeIn Ignition or similar applications.

As our Help Desk is not able to provide specific support for the Mac environment we recommend you test the LinxCRM Trial version in your preferred environment prior to purchase.

7. Do I need other software?

LinxCRM will work substantially as advertised stand-alone, without requiring other application software. However, it interfaces well with Microsoft Office suite, which most users already have. For mail-merge you will need MS Word, for email integration MS Outlook and for commission file importing MS Excel. You do not need Office Professional or Access. We recommend MS Office 2013 or 2010 but most interface functions will work with Office 2003, 2007 or 2016.

8. Does LinxCRM contain lender product information and servicing calculators?

No. We have looked at this issue in the past but found that most of our users already get this information through their aggregator or franchise group so it would be an unnecessary duplication. And since many groups now insist on loan submission through their proprietary systems it makes sense for that system to be linked to product information.

Instead we concentrate on providing an independent CRM (in case you ever leave your aggregator or group!), and a way to independently check commissions (since so many firms and consultants are short-paid), as well as additional functionality such as needs-analysis for risk insurance and financial planning, which are not generally covered in the other systems.

9. How can I avoid duplication of effort?

If you are obliged to use an alternative database in addition to LinxCRM (perhaps as a requirement of your aggregator or franchise group) there is no need to put all the information in both systems. Our Help Desk can advise on a technique that will limit duplication to only a very few fields. It's a small price to pay for independence!

10. What happens to my data if I stop using LinxCRM?

We take the view that your data is yours and always yours. While we would hope you would always find LinxCRM invaluable, if you stop using it you get to keep the data. We recommend you export the data to Excel prior to stopping but, even if you don’t, your data will be retained in a format which can be read by such programs as MS Access and Crystal Reports.