About Us

"I really like that the CRM has a financial services focus ..."  -  Ian Webb, NewBuild, Auckland.  More feedback

Independent and Industry-Focused

We are a privately-owned software developer based in Queensland, Australia, that specialises in productivity software for the financial services sector.

We are self-funded and have no financial ties with, nor ownership by, any lender, aggregator, insurer, producer group or retail franchise organisation. This means we can develop software that is in the best interests of our users.

We are passionate about helping small businesses grow into strong and independent businesses, maintaining maximum profit and doing it with the least possible stress - all by implementing good business practices. LinxCRM is designed to be a key element in this growth.

Thirty Years in the Making

Our founder and CEO, Chris Mills, has run small businesses both in Australia and the UK for over 30 years and understands first-hand the needs of small business owners. "They want simple, efficient systems which are easy to use", he says. "The last thing they need is a program which looks like it's been designed by a programmer!"

He started designing a CRM program (though they weren't called that then) in 1981 and even this early version included commission-tracking, something he felt was essential for proper financial control. The product became the forerunner of the widely-acclaimed LoanLinx, which later became LinxCRM. More recently Chris has had close involvement with the financial services sector (both insurance and finance) and now rarely a day passes that he doesn't have personal contact with consultants and business-owners in the industry to help determine their changing needs.


What started with humble beginnings back in 1981 has developed into a modern, high-tech and powerful program, focused on the needs of small businesses who want an efficient CRM system, handling all their needs and yet remaining easy to use.

Chris was recently invited by Austrade (part of the Australian Federal Government) to be part of a financial-services trade delegation to Microsoft world headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA.

The company have recently added LinxMail, an economical email-marketing application, to the range of products and has also done pro-bono work, such as the original development of the LinxMarine marine-safety app.  


Although we have no financial arrangement with any lender or aggregator we are past sponsors of MFAA Queensland and have regularly written for various industry journals.


Linx Software is privately-owned, fully self-funded and has no debts. All intellectual property employed - including programming code, the SecuritechTM anti-piracy system and registered trademarks - are entirely owned by the business.

Long Pedigree

The predecessor to LinxCRM was a program developed on a humble Sinclair ZX81 like this one, back in 1981. The ZX81 had all of 1K of RAM and no floppy drive (let alone a hard drive!)

Sinclair ZX81

But the focus even then was on customer contact, productivity and checking commissions. The important things haven't changed to this day!

The immediate forerunner to LinxCRM was LoanLinx, created in 2004. Many current users of LinxCRM started with LoanLinx and have moved forward over the years as the industry has changed and our software has changed with it.

15th Anniversary.