Support Services

"This is FANTASTIC ... we are so incredibly grateful that you have done this so expediently."  -  Alison McDonald, RCR Finance, Wantirna, Vic.  More feedback

For most users, the vast majority of support services will be FREE. This includes on-going software updates, free access to a world-class Online Help System and a Support Request System for email support. By utilising these resources you can avoid the need for most training or support costs. 

Special services such as data conversion, personalised training and data repair are not covered by the free service. However, users with a Gold Pass membership will receive priority support and special pricing. Please see below for full details.


Item Trial Period1 First 30 days2 After 30 days, with Gold Pass After 30 days, without Gold Pass
Access to Online Help System Free Free Free Free
On-going software updates N/A Free Free N/A
Email support3 Free Free Free Rate B5
Installation assistance Free Free Free Rate B
Other technical assistance6 Free Free Rate A5 Rate B
Data investigation and/or attempted repair N/A Free Rate A Rate B
Personalised training7 N/A Rate A Rate A Rate B
Data conversion from external sources N/A Rate A Rate A Rate B
Special development (eg. custom programming) N/A N/A Rate A N/A

N/A=Not Applicable or Not Available.


  1. Trial Period is the 14-day free trial period (which uses demo data) and which can be downloaded here.
  2. First 30 days means within 30 calendar days after the first payment is made and a Licence Key is issued to new sites.
  3. Free support, where listed, is only available on the latest version of LinxCRM and requested via the Support Request form found in the On-line Help System. The Support Request form will request details of your system such as the versions of Windows and LinxCRM - without this information we may be unable to provide relevant advice. You will be asked to confirm that you have the latest upgrades for both and have already sought a solution using the available on-line resources. Callers by telephone who have not lodged a Support Request may be asked to do so in the first instance so that all the relevant information is to hand so that we can provide the best support experience.
  4. Target response times for Support Requests are within 1 business day, with normal business hours being 9am-5pm, Mon - Fri, Qld, Australia time (GMT +1000), excluding local public holidays and a pre-announced Christmas/New Year break. Actual response times are usually much quicker.
  5. Please see the Price List for details of Rates A and B.
  6. This includes anything not specific to LinxCRM, eg. third-party software, hardware, networking, etc. Generally such support is limited to suitably-qualified personnel, such as technicians or network engineers.
  7. Training is defined as providing assistance that takes longer than a total of 10-15 minutes per support matter (including time to research or document issues) and/or where the user has not referred to the Help system in the first instance. Excessive free support (at our discretion) may mean that future support will be treated as training and will be charged accordingly.
  8. Availability of support is not guaranteed for versions prior to the current one, even if the service is chargeable. (Note that a new version of LinxCRM is generally issued every 1-3 months and is indicated by a change of version number such as 9.50, 9.51 etc). Support for versions older than 12 months is often not possible or practical for technical reasons so it is very important to keep your copy up-to-date.
  9. Where chargeable services are requested, written authorisation must be provided by the customer and suitable payment arrangements must be in place.
  10. Depending on location, onsite training can be provided at normal rates but travel time, travel costs and accommodation (where required) are additional.
  11. Details are subject to change without notice. E&OE.