LinxCRM Gold Pass

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What is LinxCRM Gold Pass?

LinxCRM Gold Pass is our VIP upgrade protection and support service.

For those who have LinxCRM on a subscription basis there is no extra cost for the standard Gold Pass service*. A standard Gold Pass membership is included for the life of the subscription period. Those who prefer to buy LinxCRM outright will have the first 12 month's Gold Pass membership included in the purchase price, which is then automatically renewed annually until cancelled. Prices are shown in the Price List but a loyalty discount generally applies for those who continue without interruption.

Here are the benefits for Gold Pass members:

Software Updates

LinxCRM is regularly updated. Our programmers add enhancements frequently and we generally release them every month or two. New features are often added at the suggestion of users, or perhaps they are driven by legislative changes or even providers who might change the format of their commission statements.

In addition, technology moves forward at a rapid pace and software that worked on yesterday's computers may not work on tomorrow's. LinxCRM needs to be updated frequently to suit the newer environments.

Whatever the reason, as a Gold Pass subscriber you wont need to worry about paying for upgrades - just download them from the Gold Pass Member's Lounge or the on-line Help System whenever you are ready - free of charge!


Gold Pass members also get free support from our Help Desk for most items or, where the service is chargeable, they receive a substantial discount for being a Gold Pass member.

Having a problem installing? Or forget how to process your commissions? Check it out in our on-line Help System first but, if you can't find what you're looking for, just submit a Support Request to get help. Gold Pass members receive priority service over non-members.

Wish-List Rights

Ever wanted to tell a software company how to do it right? Now you can! Gold Pass members have the right to suggest program changes and get heard. While we seek feedback from all users, Gold Pass members receive a higher priority and therefore their suggestions have a greater chance of being included in a future version.

And, in cases where changes are fast-tracked especially for you, you will receive a substantial discount on non-member prices. Read more...

Member Resources

From time-to-time we also add special resources to the Gold Pass Members Lounge on this Web site. These are available to all Gold Pass members without cost.

*For sites using more complex technology, such as Windows Server or other thin-client systems, Gold Pass Enterprise Level is required. Cost varies by site - available on application.

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