MS Office Integration

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Work seamlessly with the World's leading office suite

Just about everyone in business uses Microsoft Office - especially Word, Outlook and Excel - so it makes a lot of sense to have your CRM link into it easily and seamlessly.

LinxCRM is actually built around MS Office 2013 so that you can be assured of maximum compatibility and smooth operation. Even if you have earlier or later versions of Office you will still be able to use most of the functions, like mail-merging with Word and importing and exporting with Excel, with ease.

Mail-merge - either single or group. Mail-merge

You may have already seen details of the LinxCRM mail-merge features on our marketing page but it's worth mentioning that this functionality is not just limited to clients.

Not only can you send a single letter to a single client but you can also send group mailings to clients, and either single- or group-mailings to your referrers, too. Think what that could do to increase business!

One of the great benefits of mail-merge, of course, is that correspondence is personally addressed with the recipients name and so has much more impact than bland "white label" correspondence.

A set of sample Word templates are provided with LinxCRM but most users will also have some of their own and may also be able to obtain a set of compliancy-checked ones from their professional body or training organisation.

Just add them to LinxCRM and you will be up and running in minutes. Of course, being MS Word templates, you will be able to modify them at will.

One-click sending or email and exporting tasks to OutlookOutlook email and tasks

Just double-clicking any email address field will open Outlook, with an email already addressed to the recipient.

This applies not just to clients but to referrers and even team members.

Also, if you want to add your LinxCRM tasks into Outlook as an appointment just click the Outlook button when creating the task, add extra information (like an alarm) as needed and it will appear in Outlook as an appointment.

Easy export to Excel

Filter, sort and export to Excel

Most reports in LinxCRM are interactive - meaning you can sort and filter them as needed. (See Business Reporting.) But the power doesn't end there. Once you have the report containing the data you want, just choose the Export to Excel option to export the exact information you've selected. You can then take it even further by analysing or graphing within Excel.

Also import ...

You're not just limited to exporting to Excel. You can also import things like finance commission statements (see here for more), client lists from another CRM you may be upgrading from, or sales leads provided by a third party or from a web site. You can even design your own formats for some of these imports and re-use them in the future.

Even spell-checking and PDF's ...

LinxCRM also takes advantage of other MS Office features like spell-checking (in many notes fields throughout the program) as well as built-in PDF-creation (from many of the reports) without the need for an expensive, third-party PDF-creation program.

Tip: LinxCRM is optimised for use with MS Office 2013. Not all inter-operability functions can be guaranteed to work with other versions. We recommend that you test your specific environment by downloading a trial version of LinxCRM.