Business Reporting

"… it turns crisis control into cruise control." - Wayne Slager, Buderim, Qld More feedback

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

They say "What you can measure, you can manage" and certainly LinxCRM does a lot of measuring! Whether you want to easily see the amount of business your team have written for the month, graph sources of business or generate a comparison report to raise competitiveness in your team, LinxCRM does it all. And, of course, this is all in addition to those essential reports which ensure you receive every cent of commission you are due.

Reports Centre

The Reports Centre contains several dozen reports which will help you keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your business. Select by date range as far back as you like, or this week/month/year etc.

The Reports Centre also contains this handy dashboard, with key information in summary form.

The LinxCRM Management Reports Centre

Interactive sorting & filtering

Reports can be sorted and filtered as required

Most of the reports in LinxCRM allow you to drill down to more detailed information by clicking a field - for example a client name or sales reference.

But the reports are also far more powerful - with most reports just right-click on a field and you can sort or filter the information in just about any way you want.

For example, in this Client Inactivity Report you could select just those clients who have not been contacted since a certain date, just those of a certain status (Active, Dormant, etc), just those assigned to a certain Team Member, or any combination of these.

Once you have selected the data you need, you can even export it to Excel for printing or further analysis!

Easily create PDFs from reports

PDF Output

PDF is a great format for sending data to other people, or for keeping historical records for audit or reference purposes.

With LinxCRM you don't need to buy an expensive PDF-creation program like Adobe Acrobat. With most reports you just right-click the report and send it out to PDF!

The resulting output can be read by the free Adobe Reader or secured with Acrobat Professional.