Financial Planning

"I need to tell you that l have tried some of your competitors software ... but found it was not easy to understand ... [and] confusing."  More feedback

LinxPlan - the easy and powerful financial planning module

Providing your clients with financial planning advice is a serious business and you need serious tools to go with it. While the LinxPlan module is not designed to replace product-based calculators and graphing tools it is designed to bring all your records together in one place and put you in control of the data and of the client's total position.

Now there's no need to have their loan history in one system, their insurance in another and their financial planning information in another. LinxCRM pulls it all together, reducing duplication of effort and allowing you to present your proposals in an extremely professional format. And, of course, LinxCRM makes sure you get properly rewarded for all your effort!

LinxPlan welcome screenSpecialised Fact Finder

The LinxPlan module was designed by experts in financial planning and quickly gathers the information you need to "know your client" and make a qualified assessment.

Everything from your client's needs, wants, financial position and dependents are all easily recorded. And if you've already got much of this information entered from other modules (such a finance or insurance) then it's already populated for you.

Once you've gathered the appropriate information, LinxPlan will print off any forms that need signing, or merge data to any of your MS Word templates.

By using templates provided by your professional association or group you can help your team to stay within recommended compliance or procedural guidelines.

Read more about compliance.

See the big picture

Client's sales records

When assessing a client's position you really don't want to be left in the dark over their full position.

LinxCRM let's you see - in a single screen - all their loans, insurances, financial products and even investment properties.

Even if you didn't arrange all those products for them you can still enter the details to allow a "big picture" view of the clients position.


Create your own products & services

Services record for financial planning

LinxPlan allows you to create an unlimited range of products or services, ideal for financial-planning consultants.

For example, if the client takes up a particular investment product you can create that product in the system and even include commission details.

If you are billing your client for your services, just enter the details and LinxCRM will help you keep track of any amounts you are due.

Reviews, secure diaries, commissions ...

Of course, the above features are only one part of the total LinxCRM package. You can easily set reminders for follow-ups such as client reviews, maintain audit-proof diary notes, keep the data away from prying eyes and check that you properly receive every cent of commission you are due, even distributing commissions to others if needed.

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