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Remaining compliant is much easier with the right tools!

Being "compliant" can mean different things to different people, depending on which part of the financial services sector you work with and which country you are in. But whether your concerns is are the rules affecting finance brokers in Australia, regulations affecting risk advisers in New Zealand, or more general Trade Practices legislation, it really comes down to two things:

  • Do you thoroughly know your client and their needs?
  • Are you properly caring for those needs?

LinxCRM makes it easy to demonstrate your due diligence towards your clients and to be able to answer both these questions in the affirmative, should you ever get called upon to do so.

Financial Planning Fact Find

Comprehensive fact-finders

The key to KYC (Know Your Client) is asking lots of questions about the client's needs, wants, circumstances and budget, and then carefully recording the answers.

LinxCRM makes this easy through it's range of Fact Finders. For example, this one illustrates some of the questions you might ask when they are seeking finance. All answers are recorded in the system, can be printed out for signing and even re-issued a year or two later to help with a client review.

Tamper-proof diary

Every contact you make with your clients can be recorded in their Tamper-proof client diary diary, which is automatically stamped with the date, time and ID of the person making the entry. Some activities, such as sending letters or SMS messages, will even make the entry for you.

But, to protect your interests, although you can update your notes on the day of entry, after that they are permanently locked for audit purposes.

(There have been a number of LinxCRM users who have been called upon to provide evidence of the advice given to their clients and being able to print off a tamper-proof record of what was said or done at a certain time and date has proven to be a reliable defence).

Compliance docs

Generate unlimited compliance documents

With strong regulatory emphasis on compliance most professional bodies now provide a set of recommended compliance templates in MS Word format.
Just copy a set to LinxCRM, add or edit your merge fields and you will be ready to use them with confidence. The critical fields are taken straight from the system so there's no double-entry of data.

Whether you need Disclosure Statements, Statements of Advice, Customer Declarations or anything else - there is virtually no limit to the range of documents you can automatically generate in this way.

And, of course, being in Microsoft Word, means you can amend them  - or create a whole new set of custom ones, including your logo - without having to pay someone else to do it!


... and then store them safely

Once you've generated your documents (or any other required reports), perhaps getting them signed by the client if needed, you can scan and store them safely in the client's FileStore, along with any system-generated PDF reports, ID documents, photographs, contracts or anything else you need to keep for audit purposes. Learn more about the FileStore.

Customer Care Program action listCustomer Care programs

Providing on-going care for your clients in a professional and compliant manner is also so much easier with LinxCRM.

Sometimes it's all too easy to forget to make a follow-up call. If you're busy, time can fly by and suddenly you realise you've not spoken to some of your clients for a year or more.

With LinxCRM Action Wizards you can simply "set and forget" a series of follow-ups and just get automatically reminded when it's time to call the customer or arrange a review (or even just send a birthday card).

Many a new sale has originated this way - but also it's nice to know you were there when your client was in need of some advice or guidance.

Learn more about LinxCRM automation.

Referral agreement

Referral agreements

An area of compliance often overlooked is that of any referral agreements you might have in place.

In many jurisdictions you need to keep appropriate records on file, including details of any commissions you have agreed to pay to referrers or even to your own consultants.

All this can be properly recorded on the Referrer or Team Member record within LinxCRM.