Team Management

"... my advisors love to use it to see how they are progressing, especially comparing their activity and results to their peers." More feedback

Managing your Team Members for maximum results

Every business-owner knows that one of their best assets is their staff. And a happy, well-managed team leads to harmony, better customer service and, ultimately, a growing, profitable business. Additionally, in financial services, there are a number of specific requirements such as training, qualifications, on-going development and licensing that you need to record and monitor. LinxCRM offers all this and more.

Dedicated records

Team Member file

Because of the importance of correctly recording Team Member details - including qualifications and experience - LinxCRM (unlike most other CRMs) has a dedicated section just for Team Members.

This not only allows you to record the usual contact information but numerous fields that you can merge into compliance documents on demand.

It also includes default commission rates to help you manage commission distributions to your team.

Sales activity reporting

Leaderboard graph

Sales reports can be selected by individual Team Member to assess their performance. Some reports even allow you to calculate how much revenue they are generating for the business.

And if you like to engender a competitive spirit, just run the Leaderboard Report to help spur them on to even greater results!

CPD and compliance reporting

Team Member training records

Your professional association will probably want an annual report of each Team Member's CPD activity.

And there are now many reasons you may need to generate a report of their training or qualifications.

For example, when making recommendations to your clients for their financial planning or risk insurance needs you may be required to attached the adviser's licence details and qualifications.

LinxCRM stores all this information so it is instantly available in reports or mail-merge.

Security log

Need to know when staff log on or off? What about if they delete tasks or even clients? Who last backed up and when?

All this information is available in the password-protected Security Log.

Activity log

Networking in real-time

Real-time collaboration

Everyone on your team can be connected to LinxCRM in real-time, unlike some other systems. That means no synchronizing is required between computers or users, making the whole organisation more efficient.

If you update a client or a task, everyone (subject to their security level) gets the latest information instantly.

Even if you have remote users across the country, or across the world, they can access the data (without the normal security risks) in real-time.