Property Sales

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Investment property sales? No problem.

If you advise clients in regard to property sales, or perhaps run investment seminars and sell property, then you'll be pleased to know that LinxCRM can not only record the details of the property purchased but also look after your commissions as well.

While LinxCRM is not intended to be a stand-alone property-sales CRM it's perfect for those who combine property sales with finance, insurance or financial-planning.

Capture all the details

Property details screen

Record all the details of the property including price and developer.

If you have also provided the finance, then you can optionally link the property to the loan.


Track your actions

Property progress screen

You can track each milestone of the property sale, just the same way as you can do with loans.

You can also enter diary comments and set tasks for follow-up.

Learn more about automation.

Monitor your commissions

Property commission screen

LinxCRM makes it easy to monitor the commissions due on the sale of the property.

Split payments are also no problem - for example, part-payment on signing of the contract and the balance on settlement. LinxCRM will ensure you never miss out on any commissions you are due!

And if you need to pay out commission to a Team Member or Referrer then that's all recorded for you, too, in a special format just for property.

Property third parties screen

Keep everyone in the loop

There can be a lot of excitement - and stress - around a property sale so it's important to keep everyone informed of what's going on. LinxCRM makes that a breeze with the Third-Party Notification system.

Many of the interested party's details will already be in the system, but you can add more as needed. Once included, you can keep them up-to-date by email or the optional SMS.

For more about Third-Party Notification please see Referrers.