Training Options

"l was amazed that l found it so easy to understand and navigate through ..."  -  John Tarascio, Action Loans Australia, Vic.  More feedback

LinxCRM Training Options

LinxCRM is designed to be easy to use for those with basic computer skills and a reasonable knowledge of the financial-services industry. There are a number of built-in, self-help options to assist users to understand how LinxCRM works and how to apply it to their business. This includes a world-class On-line Help System which includes instructional videos.

However, some users need more help than others – often due to time constraints and/or the desire to utilize all the features of the program in as short a period as possible. For these users there is the option to receive personalised, one-on-one training on a chargeable basis.

Free Resources

Before we look at the chargeable items it's worth reviewing all the items which are FREE:

Screen messages 

Read the messages on dialogue boxes carefully – they will often gives you valuable information. Many fields also have pop-up Tooltips to help you decide appropriate input.

On-line Help

Make good use of the On-line Help System. It's full of everything you need to know about how to use LinxCRM and contains a number of free training videos. Access to the Help system is through F1 in the program or by clicking any of the Help buttons.

In particular, new users should work through the Quick Start Guide as soon as possible. This contains just 9 simple steps but they are essential to form a solid foundation for the future. A shortcut will be found on the desktops of new installations, although only one person (such as a supervisor) needs to do most of the steps. You can also access through F1.

Help Desk

If you can't find what you need in the On-line Help System then you can submit a Support Request to our Help Desk who will point you in the right direction. The service is free for all Gold Pass members (see here for details). The Help Desk service assumes general familiarity with LinxCRM and that you have read the Help system on the topic of interest and updated your copy of LinxCRM before calling. (Certain Help Desk services incur a charge - please see here for details).

Personalised On-line Training

If you want to get LinxCRM up-to-speed in double-quick time, or perhaps you've had a staff member leave without the opportunity to train a replacement, then our Personalised On-line Training may be right for you.

While this requires some investment on your part, remember that this is personalised, one-on-one training, specific to your needs. You choose the subject – we provide the expertise. This is in contrast with group training which is offered by some organisations - where you have the time and expense of attending a central location and then still perhaps have to cover many subjects which may not be of particular interest to you.

If you wish, advising on the state of your data, such as completeness and consistency, can be part of this service.

LinxCRM Personalised On-line Training is only available on the latest version of LinxCRM so it will be important for you to keep your copy up-to-date.

The current costs are at Rate A or B, as appropriate, shown in the Price List. (Discounts are available for a pre-paid commitment of 10 hours or more). Please place training orders on our Special Items order form (PDF 462Kb) and provide a payment authority. All training must be pre-paid – your existing Direct Debit or Credit Card facility can be utilized if you wish.

The service is provided on-line with a minimum of one-hour sessions. You will need an internet connection so you can see our computer and a land-line telephone so we can call you (at our cost). As there is no limit to the number of people attending you may like to consider using a projector in a boardroom and/or a telephone with a loudspeaker.

Note: On-site training is not generally available and is not recommended due to it's much higher cost, combined with travel costs. The on-line training described above works well and is using current technology to maximum advantage, with minimal cost.

Getting the Best from Your Training

To help you get the greatest value from your training, here are some tips you might like to employ:

Make a list

Make a specific list of things you want to cover and send to our trainer in advance. This will help everyone stay totally focused.

Two or more

We recommend that at least two people attend all training. You never know when one might not be available!

Include the Boss

We prefer that at least one owner of the business be included in each session. This helps our trainer understand their priorities.


Do what you can to understand the subject by reviewing the on-line help in advance.

Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Our trainers are good but they're not mind-readers – if you don't ask we may not realise that you don't understand something.

Make notes

A short pencil is better than a long memory. Make plenty of notes.

Tell others

Don't be stingy with your new-found knowledge – share it around so others can benefit. Consider putting it into a operations manual or procedure guide which everyone can access.