"Its functionality, flexibility, technical integrity and support are of the highest order." - Wayne Slager, Qld  More feedback

So what's it all about?

Here's a quick overview of LinxCRM - and why it's unique features are important to your business.

What It Is and What It Does Why It's Important
LinxCRM is a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for financial service professionals. Generic CRM systems do not understand finance-specific matters like loan details, insurance, commissions or investments. There are generally no fields to enter such things, nor can they report effectively on them. LinxCRM has been designed from the ground up for finance, by people from the industry. It "knows" finance.
It's a Windows-based desktop system which can be run on-premise or externally hosted, with secure remote access. Normal web-based system leave you open to risk under privacy legislation. By contrast, LinxCRM keeps your client data entirely under your control, yet still allow remote access if needed through a "private cloud". Even we can't access your data!
It handles mortgage finance, equipment finance, insurance, financial planning and property. If your business covers more than one aspect of finance you wont need multiple systems to handle your CRM needs. You'll be able to see at a glance each Client's entire portfolio of loans, policies, properties, etc. in the one client record, along with copies of your supporting compliance documentation.
It has full commission management. Most CRM's are just glorified address books. LinxCRM goes much further and manages all your incoming commissions and alerts you instantly to any underpayments (of which there are often many!) The Pro version even makes light work of splitting commissions out to your staff or external referrers.
It's locally-written and supported. You'll be able to get real help when you need it, from the people who know the industry and wrote the software! (Did we mention that most support is free?)
It has a proven track record. It's a rock-solid program with over 12 years of real-world application with users such as franchise offices of RAMS Home Loans and Aussie Home Loans, along with many independent brokers, consultants and financial planners, from single-users to those with multi-billion-dollar loan books, across Australia & NZ.
We can customise it for you. If you need something special, just ask! Customisation charges are reasonable and can give you exactly what you need.
It remains under your control - not with an aggregator, franchise head office or producer group. You can buy LinxCRM outright or take out a subscription. But either way the data stays with you and is yours forever. We are not owned or controlled by a bank, aggregator or product provider so can put your interests first!

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