"... your system is brilliant." -  Tim Dennehy, Diazco Financial Services, Caloundra, Qld.  |  More feedback

Mortgages, Equipment Finance, Personal Loans ...

Unlike most generic CRM programs, LinxCRM was designed from the ground up specifically for finance professionals. Whether you handle residential mortgages, commercial finance, equipment finance for cars, boats, industry or agribusiness, or even personal loans, you will find LinxCRM a perfect fit for your needs. While most users of LinxCRM are finance brokers (including members of franchise groups such as Aussie or RAMS) some aggregators and mortgage managers also find it ideal for their needs.

Record as much detail as you need

LinxCRM loan and security details

You can record as much (or as little) information about each loan as you like.

For fast entry, just the lender, loan amount and loan number are needed but you have the option to record much more, including review dates, interest rates, and security details.

For vehicle or equipment finance you can records things like make and model, VIN numbers and vendor details. You can also record residual ("balloon") payment amounts and due dates so that you can be on-the-ball well in advance to ensure early review of the client's needs.

The information entered becomes a permanent part of your records and can be used for reviews, business analysis or selective marketing campaigns. (See here for more on marketing).

Monitor opportunities and pre-approvals

Opportunities and pre-approvals

By recording every prospective sale you can build up a list of opportunities and rate them as to how likely they will result in a settlement. This way you can predict expected settlements in future months as part of your business management.

But, more importantly, because LinxCRM captured those enquiries, running the Opportunity Report will help your consultants stay focused on their follow-ups.

In the same way, pre-approvals can also be recorded and reported on so that all that effort is not wasted. You'll be able to keep in touch with the pre-approved borrower while they are actively searching for a property.

Keep third-parties informed

Third-party referral system

There are always several other parties involved in a finance deal - builders, real estate agents, valuers, conveyancers and, or course, your invaluable referrers.

All can be recorded against each loan (or any other sales type) so that you can keep them informed of progress by SMS or email.

(You can read more about the dedicated referrer module here.)

Easy documentation and compliance

Easy mail-merge

LinxCRM makes it easy to generate automated compliance documents from your own Word templates or those supplied by others, such as the MFAA or NZMBA, along with loan approval letters.

You can even quickly populate fax cover sheets or loan background reports to send to lenders.

When it's time to contact the borrower for a loan review or other reminder it takes only the click of a button to create a personally-addressed and professional-looking letter. Sample templates are even provided to get you started.

And if you need to mail to more than one borrower at a time just use the inbuilt Group Merge feature.

Track and review every deal

Tracking loans and review reporting

As everyone in lending knows, there's a lot that can go wrong between a loan's submission and it's settlement. But, with LinxCRM, you'll be able to relax as you can see at a glance everything that needs doing to get those deals across the line, BEFORE it needs to happen! (See here for more on the Loan Tracker).

And once the loan has settled you'll want to set review dates for follow-up. Whether this is a review prior to a fixed-rate interest rate expiring or just an annual review to keep in touch with clients you'll find LinxCRM will make it easy to never forget.

It's all part of the automation package.

Measure your worth

Loan book report

Much of the value of your business is represented by your Loan Book - that is, the number and value of active loans you have in the system and how much trailing commission you have coming in each month.

LinxCRM puts all this information at your fingertips (appropriately password-protected) in the Loan Book report.

This is just one of many valuable business reports. See here for more on business reporting and here for more about commissions.